Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Frog Lips

so it's finally happening. I'm leaving the state of Georgia and i'm never going back!

we head to Maryland a week from today and i couldn't be more excited.

it's sad that i'll be leaving some awesome friends, but true friendship doesn't dissolve with time and distance.

the only thing i'm truly worried about is my cats.

i'm staring at a 9+ hours car ride with two cats and a 15 month old.

i've started having night tremors about cat piss in my car.

Mischief will most likely be fine. He'll climb up on my shoulder, impede my ability to check my blind spots, and look out the window the whole time while yowling in my ear and demanding pets. Lady i'm sure will crawl under the seats and piss herself the entire time out of terror.

she's not the sharpest tool in the shed, and on top of that she's a Giant Weenie.

i guess the best i can do is cover the upholstery in plastic sheets, pop a couple of Ronin's diapers on their kitty butts and hope for the best.

or keep them in their kennel. which might be the better option.

i do think they'd look cute in Ronin's Sesame Street diapers though.

little tails poking through...

haha, just had an idea for the Shortest Post Ever: Reasons why Georgia is Awesome.

it's not.

end of post.

Krista's Random Thoughts Before Starting her Day:

1) why did i not capitalize the "h" in "her"? huh.

2) the lady at Progressive that i talked to today sounded exactly like the chick from Flight Of The Conchords. This chick:

i spent the entire time on the phone with her trying not to crack up.

3) Ronin is eating a muffin in his high chair and dancing because he's so happy about it. Awesome.

4) If you're not watching the show GLEE then you are missing out on some FANTASTIC music. Music such as this: 

5) Bridesmaids is a hilarious movie! definitely a "girlfriends" flick. I'm going to miss my girls when i move!

6) went to get some black nail polish today, and Ronin reaches up to me holding a very pretty shell/coral pink. he picked it out for me! so of course i got it. how could i not?

7) the Army is packing all of our stuff up for us and hauling it off and away to MD on Friday. we don't leave until Monday or Tuesday. it's gonna be awkward living in an empty townhouse for the weekend with no dishes/beds/couches/tv/microwave/crib/dressers....

8) it's taking longer than i expected to get pregnant again. oh well. it just means that my summer clothes will fit me this year <3  the baby will come when it comes.

9) on an seperate and not-unrelated note, my biological Big Ben is booming away in the back of my mind. I ain't gettin' any younger.

10)  PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT THIS BLOG! i promise that once i get to Maryland i'll be writing more.

11) My little Brother gets back from his mission to California for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on the 15th and i'm SO EXCITED FOR HIM TO MEET HIS NEPHEW!! i'm also excited to see him myself; he's pretty awesome!

peace, peas, and chicken grease. ugh, gross. nevermind the grease. how about, peace, peas, and homemade nutella chocolate chip cookies?


  1. We drive at night so the munchkins will sleep through it....... just a thought..... and kitty kennels sound like a great idea lol

  2. CRATES!!! Dad bought a truck that a cat had peed in. The smell does not come out. They will be fine and you won't be distracted.


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