Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knife or Banana: Which will you chose?

it's 9:20 on a thursday morning and i find myself with nothing pressing to do.

my beautiful boy is conked out on the couch.
i guess that's what he gets for waking up at 4:30. and 5. and 5:30am this morning.

i've finished my coffee, answered my emails, filled out a few surveys to earn a few measley cents, diddled around on facebook, and emptied the dishwasher.

i suppose it's time to get back to my roots.

and i'm not talking about the two streaks in my hair that have turned pale green, either. although they do require some rapt attention in the near future. they used to be blue and purple. now they're just Ick and Eww.

i grew a pumpkin in my backyard this summer. i had such high hopes for intricate carvings and fresh pumpkin pies, but it only grew to be the size of Ronin's ginormous head, so now i'm left scratching mine.

about all it's good for is staring at.

so that's what i'm doing.

there's an awesome toy store that we found whilst exploring our new city.
it's next to like 3 bakeries, a breakfast nook and a FroYo place which is even better.

but i digress.

we went there yesterday and i picked up some stuff on sale.

a book about how Medusa, Frankenstein, the Headless Horseman, Poe, and other unfortunate monsters/people have tough lives and the unique challenges they face. it's cute. i'm sure Ronin will appreciate the satire in a few years.

also, i got a 1500 piece puzzle of Unicorns.
i HAD to get it.

it had unicorns on it.

little constructable Trevors.

y'all remember Trevor, right? my blue best-friend Unicorn? who has poison spikes all over?
of course you do.

hmm. what else is new...

i'm 27. i'm falling apart. i have.... 9 bruises on my legs that i cannot account for. two of which are new this morning. my goosebumps are being exceptionally gung-ho this week. and not only did i drop scissors today, but i dropped coffee grounds. they went everywhere.

note to self; Buy a DUSTBUSTER. because coffee grounds are stubborn and stupid and never come when you call them.

Ronin has a monkey costume for Halloween. i want to find a banana costume so that i can be this guy for Halloween:
Mike wants to be a knife for Halloween so that we can reenact this little game show:

We're a silly family.

So i ordered a 20 lb weight vest online yesterday. i hear that the best way to "lose those last 10 stubborn pounds" is to trick your body into thinking it's heavier than it is to jump-start your metabolism. apparently your body wants to stay a certain weight, and if all-of-the-sudden it is under the impression that your "spare tire" is now a "spare monster-truck", then it'll get off it's lazy butt and do something about it.

we'll see about that. i plan on wearing it all the time. except when swimming.

it wouldn't be prudent.

YOU try doggie-paddling with the weight of a small child strapped to your chest.

it's ruff.


well, this was fun but i suppose i should probably hit "publish" and put this up for y'all.

after all, i have UNICORNS to build.

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  1. ohmygod YOU"RE BAAAACK!!!! love the total randomness. and score for the unicorn puzzle :D


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