Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unicorns make the best movies.

in 21 days i'll be leaving this state forever.

i've been trapped here for the last 5 years of my life and i am tooooo excited to leave!

we found a great 4 bedroom townhome in Maryland with a fenced  in yard and a decent kitchen, among other wonderful features. i'm chomping at the bit to get packed up and moved.

the only thing i'm kind of sad about is the fact that i'll have to start kind of all over again making new friends. i'll have a few kind of built-in girl friends in the form of the significant others of Mike's friends so that helps.

it's going to be.... interesting having two cats and a 15 month old in a car for 9 hours making the drive up to our new home.  i have 21 days to live in fear of the cat piss that i'm sure will be spilt in the fabric of my car's seats from a terrified Lady kitty.

oh joy.

next subject.

i watched two of the most horrible movies ever made yesterday.

Mazes and Monsters with Tom Hanks and The Rig with The Worst Actors Imaginable.

i ended up slurping down a bottle of Riesling in order to survive the double horror.

and now Mike, who FORCED me to watch those two movies, won't watch The Last Unicorn with me.

which is just a crying shame because it's the BEST movie EVER made.

next subject.

i'm excited to be pregnant again. clarification; i'm looking forward to it. last time it mellowed me out and made me so incredibly un-neurotic. that sure would be nice.

so yesterday i was on the stationary bike at the gym pumping hard and it popped into my head that i used to be 17 pounds skinnier than i currently am. It seemed so impossible and such an unattainable goal that it threw me head first into a Miniature Depression Pit. i hopped off the bike, sighed, and went home.

aaaaaaand i'm cutting this short because my boy will be waking up from First Nap any second now.

Top Five Fun Things I've Been Up To Lately:

1) listening to Maroon 5's newest album. it's AWESOME.

2) getting a tan on my whitey white white skin. i no longer glow in the dark. thank you. *takes bow*.

3) attempting to turn my "Don't Pick Me Up" kitty into a "Please Hold Me All The Time And Cuddle Me" kitty. things are going well. she lets me hold her for about ten seconds now before she wants down.

4)  i'm almost out of coffee. wait, that's a bad thing...

5) dancing while i'm running on the treadmill at the gym. i figure, the more fun i'm having the more i'll work out. so i ignore the looks and chuckles of the on-lookers and i go ahead and get down with my bad self.

here's something that makes me laugh; not for the sensitive of constitution.

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  1. babies do that to you, I'm still THIRTY FIVE POUNDS heavier than I was when I got married. makes me want to puke a little... I lost 5 whole lbs this month, and it didn't even make me feel good because I have so much further to go... You can commiserate with me when you're frustrated, i'll be expecting a phone call!


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